Today's consumer market is turning over a new, greener, leaf!

People are looking for healthier, safer and more ethical options where their homes and lifestyles are concerned. We have seen the disregard for safety and the environment that unconscious buying patterns have caused and are ready to take action and make better, more conscious choices.

Today the Green Revolution is changing the face of how we do business. Everyone is greening their companies and looking for eco-friendly ways to market themselves to the masses. We are in the midst of a new Green Economy and we can see the proof of this in corporate america.

The big corporations like Kraft, M&M's/MARS and Heinz are buying eco-friendly and organic companies like Seeds of Change, Back to Nature and Earth's Best and even starting their own all-natural, eco-friendly product lines. They are aware of the shift taking place in the marketplace.

We are all finally waking up and realizing that things need to change.

One of the largest studies to date involving climate change and it's affect on consumer spending was conducted by Havas Media and involved nine major markets and over 11,000 consumers. Their statistical findings were published by Reuters.

graph According to Reuters
  • 79% of respondents would prefer to buy from companies that are actively trying to reduce their environmental impact. This figure rises to 93% in some developing markets.
  • 89% of people are likely to buy more environmentally friendly goods in the next 12 months.

Nexyoo will empower positive change!

As a Nexyoo agent, using the incredible tools and experienced support we provide, you will develop an income on a full or part-time basis. It's all up to you! Plus, you can feel good about being part of the positive change that will only benefit you, your family and the planet.

In the past business opportunities have presented themselves as wanting to help you earn more, while at the same time employing a very selfish business philosophy that does not always back up this claim. Many of you have come across these types of businesses and know how these opportunities usually end up, in failure.

You are also aware that many home-based business opportunities are simply reusing the same, tired, business plan for success. They are filled with hype, fluff and gimmicks, all air, but no real substance, nothing solid and lasting, nothing to bank your future on. It is difficult to succeed and there is no way to really shine in a market that has become saturated with a "get rich quick and get out" mentality.

However, that is all going to change. The future is looking greener than ever and Nexyoo is that future. We really do care about your success. We want you to succeed. Nexyoo is the first of it's kind and we are breaking ground for a whole new way to achieve success in this market. Nexyoo is changing the face of business.

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